Welcome to Eagle Flights!

The EWU Alumni Association’s official wine club features wines made by Eagles, for Eagles. Each shipment will include four excellent-valued wines produced by different Eagle owned and operated Washington wineries. The Eagle Flights wine club celebrates the incREDible impact that Eags have made on the wine industry.

Choose from either a mixed shipment (red & white), an all white shipment, or an all red shipment. Each shipment’s wines have been hand-selected for the Eagle4Life family, and a portion of your purchase supports the Alumni Legacy Scholarships.

Join now to have award-winning varietals from Washington wineries delivered right to your door.

We hope you enjoy these wines as much as we enjoy all of Eagle Nation – CHEERS!

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How it Works

As a member of the Eagle Flights, you'll enjoy these great benefits:

Two Shipments a Year

Specially selected, high-quality wines twice a year. October, & March

Four Bottles Each

Premium wine proudly created by members for the Eagle family in each shipment.

With Notes

Winemaker profiles & tasting notes included with each shipment.

Membership Cost

Mixed Club

$120 – $160 / shipment

Plus tax, shipping & handling.

Red Club

$130 – $170 / shipment

Plus tax, shipping & handling.

White Club

$90 – $130 / shipment

Plus tax, shipping & handling.